The Climate Impact Assessment Marketplace

Data, services and tools for the efficient check of urban infrastructure is the outbound service of the CLARITY project, which is supported by the European Commission. 

We build up and service a vivid community interested in climate change adaptation addressing geo-science experts, urban- and spatial planners, architects, engineers, project managers from construction-, transport-, energy-, environment industries and people from the financial sector.

Our goal

Development, operation and dissemination of a digital marketplace providing services, contents, features and tools for the climate change impact assessment, which have been developed on the base of scientific data and meet the new European standards and regulations.

Plan by stages

We create awareness of the CLARITY climate service, case studies, demonstrators and tools among relevant stakeholders in the climate and urban infrastructure planning and management sector, industries and civil society. We build up and foster the CLARITY Community with regional experts and contact points. We analyse and provide data relevant to stakeholders, share knowledge and connect the CLARITY Community.



    CLARITY is the first point of reference and the most important information, service and collaboration hub for everybody being concerned with climate change impact assessment in Europe.




    We foster a CLARITY Community involving local target sectors and stakeholders that are interested in CLARITY scenarios. Either as host of events, regional experts or contact point for tools and services.



    CLARITY's value proposition is to make climate-proofing of infrastructure easier and faster at a fraction of the cost of individual climate sensitivity, vulnerability impact and adaption startegy studies.


    Our general approach

    CLARITY will provide a cost-effective mean to assess the expected performance of adaptation and risk reduction options by providing operational indicator based resilience assessment services. This will effectively enable project managers to integrate resilience into large-scale investment projects. In order to answer to a concrete need and maximize the societal benefits, CLARITY will primarily concentrate on climate-proofing the urban areas and transport networks.

    Implementing adaptations Kreislauf.png

    The CLARITY SOLUTION will support information exchange and collaborative decision making and provide overview information on key features relevant for climate-resilience of the city region.

    Key objective is to examine the climate related effects and the use of tools and measures for risk assessment, evaluation of climate-change adaption strategies and integration of adaption measures for sustainable urban development.

    The CLARITY COMMUNITY will contribute and evaluate relevant data identifying and appraising options.

    CLARITY climate services will allow the end-users to explore alternative resilience scenarios with respect to: variable local context, selection of relevant climate intelligence, varying hazard intensities, flexible exposure scenarios, possible variations and alternative selection of options.

    Conceptual background for the project are the 5th Assessment Report (AR5) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and a guideline launched by the European Commission in 2011, the "Non-paper Guidelines for Project Managers making vulnerable Investments Climate resilient" - EU-GL in short. These guidelines do not only help developers but also support to secure the project's funding.

    EU-GL basically proposes a workflow to assess climate-induced risks and impact on various areas. Within CLARITY the procedure model proposed by the EU-GL will be digitized and opened up for broad use in infrastructure related projects. 

    Outcomes will be an integrated Climate Services Information System (CSIS) and a generic workflow to "industrialize" co-creation on climate services. These outcomes build the groundwork for the "" marketplace.