When we think of climate change, we first think of higher temperatures. But a bigger problem could be water. Three projects that provide solutions. "Normally, we see the city as the problem, when facing climate impacts. But we thought, can we not see the city as a solution?" Karina Peña is co-founder of the dutch company "Field Factors" which vision

A nutritional logo on food, less pesticides on the fields, more protection for the harried nature: the EU Commission wants Europe to become the global pioneer for sustainable food and biodiversity. On Wednesday the authority presented its plans as part of the European "Green Deal" for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050. "The Corona crisis has shown how vulnerable we all

By 2050 the EU will be climate neutral, according to the Commission's plan. Everything Europe's energy, agriculture and consumers now have to deal with. The new EU Commission is starting work with a big undertaking for the climate. From 2050 no new greenhouse gases are to be emitted in the EU. The "Green Deal" also includes an interim target for