Bridging adaptation and mitigation: Hands-on climate action across European municipalities

Today's Agenda:

Hands-on climate action across European municipalities

Steering Local Adaptation: Hands-On Lab on Measuring Climate Risks in Municipalities

Connecting Local Mitigation action: Roundtables

Panel discussion: Solutions and Financing for integrating adaptation and mitigation planning

Beacon and Clarity joint session

In the interactive session on Tuesday 8th, we are going to explore how the effects of climate change will influence urban infrastructure planning. Climate-resiliant planning is required!

The potential for local climate action to shape a greener Europe is huge: based on a practical laboratory carried out before the meeting, participants identify climate risks and impacts on their infrastructure projects. These are based on data from the CLARITY Climate Services Information System (CSIS) screening tool that will be shown and discussed at one of the roundtables.

Participants from CLARITY and BEACON projects (Bridging European and Local Climate Action) will share insight on hands-on climate action across European municipalities. 

BEACON promotes climate action and facilitates an exchange between national governments as well as municipalities and schools in Europe. Goal of BEACON is to strengthen bi-and multilateral cooperation and create common ambition to realize the Paris Agreement. BEACON is funded by the European Climate Initiative (EUKI), CLARITY is co-funded by European H2020 Initiative.

The cooperation of these projects is fruitful because of complementary activities. BEACON focuses on mitigation, aiming to raise energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. CLARITY proposes adaption measures in order to deal with the increasing effects of climate change. By joining effort you always achieve more.

CLARITY introduces their Climate Services Information System CSIS

Look at CLARITY’s demonstration cases with climate-resilience experiences from Austria, Sweden, Spain and Italy. They already found adaptation options suiting their hazard-specific challenges we want to share with you.

In the CLARITY project we aim to develop a digital marketplace for climate services. But it will not only offer services and content, but also data and tools for the impact assessment of climate change. All the information you will get there has been developed on the basis of scientific data and complies with the latest European standards and regulations.

Over the course of time, we want to build as large a community as possible, because only together we can make a difference and strengthen each other.