The CLARITY Marketplace

Heavy rain threatens a 140.000-new-homes-project in Stockholm, extreme temperatures wear down 26,000 km of Spanish highway- and railway system, and heat waves threaten especially elderly and very young population in the Austrian city of Linz. New projects and urban areas nowadays need a sophisticated strategy for natural hazards. As dangers of climate change in the European Union increase CLARITY aims to tackle risk assessment and assessing adaptation measures.


 CLARITY team members working on a connecting marketplace

CLARITY team members working on a connecting marketplace


At the CLARITY Marketplace geo-science experts, urban- and spatial planners, architects, engineers, project managers from construction, transport, energy, environment industries as well as people from the financial sector come together. The common goal is to collect and exchange essential information about climate related risks to make newly constructed and refurbished areas in the European Union safer, more adapted to climate change effects, and especially more cost efficient in the long run. 


An EU-wide project


For this purpose within CLARITY a range of renowned partners are working together. The national meteorological institutes of Spain, Sweden, and Austria are as well partnering as the Spanish construction company Acciona, the technology expert ATOS, scientists from the Austrian Institute of Technology or the cities of Naples (IT), Stockholm (SE) and Linz (AT) (click here for our complete list of partners). With these partners, CLARITY already gathered concise information on possible climate change hazards in Spain, Italy, Austria, and Sweden. The CLARITY cooperation can already provide project planners in the demonstration locations with detailed information on climate change risks and possible adaptation measures. As more experts join the CLARITY Marketplace the offered knowledge and expertise becomes better.


A "life cycle" on how CLARITY supports construction projects with climate change adaption

Connect with climate experts


Often project managers are missing out on profound climate data needed for planning. Also, if data is available (e.g. open source), not everybody is able to make sense of its cryptic charts and complex variables. In addition, the proposed geological raster just might not be detailed enough.

The CLARITY Marketplace will offer a map on which geographical zones are easily distributed by their quality of possible dangers by a traffic light labeling system. A green overlay symbolizes a perfect spot for an outlined project. Yellow indicates various possible dangers while red stands for a serious danger and high demand for adaptation measures. After deciding on a location the CLARITY Marketplace tool calculates possible climate hazards in detail and proposes experts from its scientific pool, with whom solutions can be discussed. This way, the essential first steps concerning a new project can be done easily, fast, and cost efficiently. At the same time, climate experts can cooperate through the CLARITY Marketplace to bundle their expertise on new solutions.


Plan better projects


The CLARITY Marketplace does not only offer exchange and profound expertise – it also offers tools by which project planners will be enabled to reach better decisions. The latest example is the “Green Area Factor” (GAF), a tool created by Swedish experts to improve a city’s prerequisites for adapting to climate change, which is already used in the CLARITY ecosystem. GAF is promoting the green efficiency of the vegetation on the plots and the conservation of sufficient green structure. Vegetation mitigates the risk of flooding, reserves carbon dioxide, cools down the heat islands of built environments, and increases the pleasantness and beneficial health-effects of urban spaces. This tool is already considered in other cities around Europe struggling with heat islands like the city of Naples in Italy or Linz in Austria.


Make cities more resilient


In the upcoming weeks progress on expert services and tools will be presented on our website before the first version of the CLARITY Marketplace will be launched. From there on CLARITY will provide project planners in all of Europe access to expert services and tools to take climate change hazards into account. The right time to make infrastructure planning safer, convenient, and cost efficient is now. JOIN CLARITY