For municipalities climate change becomes a greater risk, every day. Some form of climate-resistant planning is needed. At the European Week of Regions and Cities 2019, CLARITY and BEACON presented solutions in adaption and mitigation to tackle climate change risks. Their interactive session hosted almost 100 people from urban and infrastructure planning and development, municipal decision-makers, energy and climate policy

In Norrköping, Sweden, Clarity partners met from 10th-12th April in the SMHI office for the 4th workshop. In these three days all partners presented an overview and the status quo of their tasks. Also, the upcoming CSIS and Marketplace were discussed to see what has to be realized.

The IPCC's "Cities and Climate Change Science Conference” in Canada was set to assess the recent scientific understanding of cities and climate change, and to identify the key research gaps, thereby inspiring the next frontiers of urban climate research. The CLARITY project was also presented.