A nutritional logo on food, less pesticides on the fields, more protection for the harried nature: the EU Commission wants Europe to become the global pioneer for sustainable food and biodiversity. On Wednesday the authority presented its plans as part of the European "Green Deal" for a climate-neutral Europe by 2050.

"The Corona crisis has shown how vulnerable we all

Österreich investiert 2,4 Milliarden Euro in die Erneuerung seiner Schulen. Wie weit wird eine nachhaltige Zukunft mitgedacht?

Österreichs Bundesregierung hat Mitte Mai ein Investitionspaket für die Erneuerung der Schulen angekündigt. 2,4 Milliarden Euro sollen bis 2030 in Neubauten, Zubauten und die Sanierung von 270 Schulen fließen. Das Paket soll die Schulen moderner und digitaler machen und nach der Coronavirus-Krise die Konjunktur ankurbeln.

The cities Agios Dimitrios in Greece and Bottrop in Germany could not be more different for urban planners. Here a pulsating suburb of Athens with 200 days of sunshine, there a small Westphalian town in the Ruhr area. Nevertheless, Ilias Savvakis, secretary-general of Agios Dimitrios, is full of enthusiasm when he talks about joint projects in the fight against climate

Extreme weather conditions occur more frequently. Not only metropoles like Los Angeles, Basel, London or Vancouver, but also different German cities already have claimed the state of "Climate Emergency". Extreme storms, heat waves, floods and droughts occur more frequently, agriculture is affected by climate change.

In 2013 the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) investigated trends in extreme weather events in Europe and implications for national and European Union adaptation strategies. Now, a study update found evidence for overall increases in the frequency and economic costs of extreme events.

The Italian city Naples has to cope with unbearable heat waves. In order to implement more climate adaptive planning, it needs to integrate urban regeneration and new construction processes. Here is a step-by-step methodology how CLARITY aims to realise a much "cooler" Naples.