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For the past months we have successfully started our webinar series on climate adaptation. We offer climate experts and companies solutions for climate adaptation and bring together city/regional planners, project managers and owners of vulnerable urban and transport infrastructure. Within short time other H2020 partners wanted to join our sessions to also present the outcomes of their projects. The webinars were thats why co-organised with other research projects and organisations interested in climate resilience, climate change impacts and climate change adaptation. Due to our many requests and topics we hold our webinars once per week by now, in several languages. Don't worry if you cannot show up online on the specific date - we have prepared a channel for you where you can take a look at all webinars we did so far. If you have further questions or something stays unclear don't hesitate to contact us. 

What are the webinars about?

Our main project was to develop the so-called marketplace for climate services. There, expert studies and data on climate adaptation can be shared.

We also offer various webinars on the topic "Climate Impact Check - In My Region", which present the results of various regional studies on climate change. The regions presented so far have been Austria, Spain and Italy

Furthermore, we offer webinars in the area of "Climate Adaptation Policy & Technology", which discusses adaptation policies to climate change and the tools and services that will help to meet the policy requirements in the EU, its member states and regions.

☛ See our CLARITY webinar channel and find out more.