How to "CSIS": In these videos you learn how you participate in our climate-tool

The Climate Services Information System CSIS we created wants to create awareness of the CLARITY climate service in the first place. But second, there is the possibility that you participate and spread your scientific knowledge to others. 

What does CSIS offer?

The system has a variety of case studies, demonstrators and tools among relevant stakeholders in the climate and urban infrastructure planning and management sector, industries and civil society. In our scientific studies we show adaptation options to climate change and inform about climate hazards.

Why should I participate?

We build up and foster the CLARITY Community with regional experts and contact points. We analyse and provide data relevant to stakeholders, share knowledge and connect the CLARITY Community. We involve local target sectors and stakeholders that are interested in CLARITY scenarios. Either as host of events, regional experts or contact point for tools and services. If you feel addressed, try it out - it's free! Here you learn how to create a profile: 

[We also offer a German version of this video.]



Where do these studies come from?

CLARITY develops necessary solutions and provides information for others talking about heat waves, flooding and storms. The extreme weather hazards make the population suffer, destroy urban infrastructure, and cause replannings of whole cities. Our experts and partners a located in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Italy and Spain so from these countries you will find the different studies. We described the four showcases also here. Of course we are interested in more studies which can also come from other European countries. Are you already eager to create a study yourself?

How can I create a study?

After creating an account and logging in with your new profile, you can create and upload your own study. Therefore click on the "Studies"-tab in our information system. Beneath the already existing studies you find the button "create a new study". Click on it and fill out at least the fields that are marked with a "*". Find a title that consists of the focus keywords such as the city, country and climate hazard. Then find a description for the study goal and select the type or topic for your study. Finish this step with clicking on the button "create study and become a member". In the next window (under "context") you can find an overview of your study. You can now add other team members who have a CLARITY account to this project (under "team") and select the specific area you examine ("under area") to include it in your report. As a last step please select the "European Wide Data Package" for you study analysis. In the video every step is explained visually.

Is this complicate?

No. There are only four steps and it doesn't take long. With uploading your scientific study you can help millions of other people. There are no hidden costs, your data is protected and you are only subscribing to a free membership to which you can always unsubscribe. If you have more questions don't hesitate to contact us via our Email-contact formular