These Brazilian projects are sustainable and give hope for the future

CLARITY is a project helping European Cities to adapt better to the fallouts of climate change. But of course, climate change is a worldwide problem and for Third-World-Countries it is even more difficult to develop necessary arrangements. Still, there are amazing projects examined in this Brazil-series.



1. Read our showcase for intense rain, focussing on Salvador, Bahia. When it rains in that region cities basically melt away and streets get destroyed. “Climate has been changing noticeably for the past decade. Summers become warmer and winters become less ‘cold’ - instead the rain seasons got more and more intense in the past few years and it's not uncommon for several neighbourhoods in Salvador to be severely flooded during the winter-rain-season.”

Salvador is situaded in Bahia, a state in northern Brazil.










2. Our partner Smart Cities Consulting informs you about projects fighting climate-change bringing along the following stories: The CH4PA is a tractor running with biogas. It is less expensive than other vehicles in Brazil and will increase the farmer's productivity. Read the interview with developer Georg Wagner (in German) here.

The Itaipu dam is situated in at the border with Argentina and Paraguay. Very close are the famous Iguazú falls.












3. Read the reportage about the autarchic life on a Brazilian Ecofarm here. Volunteers have built houses out of organic materials. The village produces its own electricity and potable water. It is a retreat for biology-students and drop-outs.


​ Ceará is the very northern state with its capital Fortaleza. The farm is located 170km from there. ​