Every year, the European Commission awards those EU-funded projects, which demonstrate excellence and new approaches in regional development. With the goal of inspiring other regions and project managers across Europe, participating projects are in the spotlight of communication activities at European level. This year's winners are promoting digital transformation, connecting the green, blue and grey, combatting inequalities and poverty, building

For municipalities climate change becomes a greater risk, every day. Some form of climate-resistant planning is needed. At the European Week of Regions and Cities 2019, CLARITY and BEACON presented solutions in adaption and mitigation to tackle climate change risks. Their interactive session hosted almost 100 people from urban and infrastructure planning and development, municipal decision-makers, energy and climate policy

The cities Agios Dimitrios in Greece and Bottrop in Germany could not be more different for urban planners. Here a pulsating suburb of Athens with 200 days of sunshine, there a small Westphalian town in the Ruhr area. Nevertheless, Ilias Savvakis, secretary-general of Agios Dimitrios, is full of enthusiasm when he talks about joint projects in the fight against climate

Unbearable heat in the city... Linz is one of the examples where the population is suffering extremely from heat exposure. Due to the common urban structures and large-scale climate change impacts, the Austrian City is an ideal demo case for many other cities in Central Europe. Linz can serve as a base for development of operating procedures and climate services

Extreme weather conditions occur more frequently. Not only metropoles like Los Angeles, Basel, London or Vancouver, but also different German cities already have claimed the state of "Climate Emergency". Extreme storms, heat waves, floods and droughts occur more frequently, agriculture is affected by climate change.