Floods, droughts, and heat waves endanger Naples

The effects of climate change on the metropolitan area of Naples are becoming frequent and intense. Floods, droughts, and heat waves endanger a population of three million people, especially elderly people and children, but also buildings and critical infrastructures. Currently, both Regional and Metropolitan levels lack rules or recommendations for urban planning that aim at implementing effective adaptation measures to reduce the effects of climate-related hazards. Stakeholders are not aware of the need to embed effective adaption and mitigation measures in their planning.

CLARITY wants to change this by putting climate information into actionable results for the metropolitan region of Naples



Clarity's plan for action


The assessment of alternative technological options and planning scenarios at urban and territorial scale represent a key aspect to address public administration policies and regulate private initiatives.


The Napoli demonstration will directly contribute to many ongoing urban development as well as disaster risk reduction initiatives, such as: Redevelopment of Napoli Est urban area, public (206M€) and private (2,000M€) initiative; Redevelopment of Bagnoli brownfield, public investment (272M€); Campania Region hydrogeological risk mitigation and adaptation from ERDF 2014-2020 (140M€); Urban regeneration and climate adaptation from ESIF/ERDF-OP “METRO” 2014-2020 (100-150 M€).


The cost-benefit assessment of adaptation options provided by CLARITY will contribute to the prioritisation of planned investments and ensure the effectiveness of planning and design solutions. The Napoli demonstration will also take advantage of existing hazard and vulnerability models developed within the EU frameworks. The Network of data suppliers and service providers of the Metropolis project will be involved as active stakeholders in the implementation of CLARITY platform for the Metropolitan City of Naples.