Studies on climate hazards are time-consuming and expensive. The Viennese company Greenpass therefore trains you in three days to become a climate planner. Heat islands, heavy rain and corona. When it comes to climate-friendly planning, planners currently faces many hurdles. The Austrian company Greenpass has developed software that enables cities and municipalities to quickly gain an overview of potential climate

When we think of climate change, we first think of higher temperatures. But a bigger problem could be water. Three projects that provide solutions. "Normally, we see the city as the problem, when facing climate impacts. But we thought, can we not see the city as a solution?" Karina Peña is co-founder of the dutch company "Field Factors" which vision

The CLARITY project aims to build up and service a vivid community interested in climate change adaptation. Its core feature is a new Marketplace to connect experts related to climate change. Its goal is to make predictions about possible hazards and their risks for infrastructure projects and their adaptation to climate change easier and more cost efficient.

Not only CLARITY tries to adapt better to climate change and to create climate services to become greener and safer, also other projects do: “” is also part of the H2020-programm and presented its strategy on the EU Green Week in Brussels in May. They are experts in the field of Urban Climate Service and its role for the society.