"Webstival" for Climate Information

Corona ends many of the climate festivals in Europe. But it should not end the fight against climate change. Join the first "webstival".

It is the typical fate of many festivals in Corona times. Hardly anyone can say what the next two weeks will be like. Festivals are therefore postponed until autumn or even cancelled completely. This is a pity in most cases, but for events that bring people together in the fight against climate change, this is really painful.

The Climateurope Festival, a series of events designed to deepen the dialogue between science and society, is no exception. Since giving up in the fight for the climate is not an option, the organisers have now decided to go for the online version.


The Climateeurope "Webstival"


The third festival of Climateurope will now be a series of virtual events. Each "webstival" will be a virtual meeting lasting 3-4 hours on a single day, with multiple websitval events planned over the course of summer and autumn 2020. The webstival series is open for researchers, suppliers, users, and funders all over Europe, and the World.

It will start with a kick-off webstival on June 18th. The agenda for the first day includes sessions on adaptation to climate change including societal transformation, developing climate services or just rooms for sharing low carbon ingredient recipes or discussion.


Join the Webstival


The organizers want you to connect with new ideas tackling climate change. If you are interested in the event, you can join here


The agenda for the first webstival can be found here


Click this link for more information about Climateurope