Brussels, October 09-10: Register for our workshop

The “European Week of Regions and Cities” - this is the name of the annual event in the second week of October. Different cities and regions showcase their capacity to create growth and jobs and prove the importance of the local level for European governance.
6,000 participants - 600 speakers - 70 countries

- And our workshop -

The European Week programme consists of more than 150 sessions. What we do in these days is the side event “Climate Adaptation for Cities and Regions” together with the H2020-sister-project “”. We both develop and pilot “Climate Services” for cities and urban sectors, set up a platform for distributing primary climate data and creating localized data packages. We provide ICT tools for assessing climate risks and appraising climate adaptation measures that can be applied by urban end users and climate adaptation experts to implement a localized climate strategy. Furthermore, we demonstrate the added value of integrating Climate Services within user practices, which will quantify the impact of climate change on a range of urban sectors and propose relevant, reliable, and cost-efficient solutions.    

Which target group is the workshop aimed at?

—> Are you a Spacial Planner, a City Developer, an Urban Practitioner, a Policy Maker?

Yes? Perfect, then you are fitting 100% into our target group. No? Ok, you mean, you are an…

—> Architect, focussing on Landscape? Or a Project- and Risk Manager? Your are an Infrastructure Constructor and Operator or even a Finance and Insurance Expert?

Oh, even better, then you also fit 100% into our target group.

You have none of the listed professions, but want to network? Whether you are interested in climate service responses for city infrastructure, traffic, cultural heritage, building energy or emergency planning systems. Then, please, join as well.

Why attend this workshop?

—> Like many cities in Europe, also your city is affected by the impact of climate change.

Your city needs to become more resilient, better prepared, and certainly less vulnerable to climate change. It requires appropriate engagement along with an effective and easy access mechanism that should response to your needs.

Our workshop will give you the key to the current services as well as the required climate information. Our speakers will host small sessions presenting their methodologies, standard processing tools, and best practices applied in several EU cities. Lively discussions with stakeholders will round out the event. 

What will you learn?

—> You will be able to prescreen climate risks of your local project with our tool.

We understand the complexity of the challenge to adapt to climate change. This is what we will impart to you, which means that we explain to you how to refine climate adaptations of your project, what the business behind these “Climate Services” is and which practical steps you can make in your sector. We will demonstrate practicability as well as pave the way for broad acceptance and application of Climate Services and information systems.

Ok, I am convinced… Where can I register and where will I find you?

It’s a simple click on the button below. We ask you for your name, email-address and organization. That’s it.

Join us on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th October from 1pm on in the “Workshop + Discussion Area”, BIP Brussels 2-4 Rue Royale