Linz (AT) suffers from heat waves

Sweating, sweating, sweating. That is what ZAMG meteorologists propose for the upcoming summer. Temperatures rise up to 35 degrees Celsius in the upper-Austrian Metropolis. In contrast to Stockholm, Jönköping and Salvador where flooding is the main issue, the problem in Linz is the exact opposite: Heat waves. This city is a great example how population is suffering from heat exposure; adaptations are required to provoke a cooling. 


CLARITY for Naples

The effects of climate change on the metropolitan area of Naples are becoming frequent and intense. Floods, droughts and heat waves endanger a population of three million people, especially elderly people and children, but also buildings and critical infrastructures.

Currently, both Regional and Metropolitan levels lack rules or recommendations for urban planning that aim at implementing effective adaptation measures to reduce the effects of climate-related hazards. Stakeholders are not aware of the need to embed effective adaption and mitigation measures in their planning.

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